Monday, April 29, 2013

Ammo is hard to find

Actually, I haven't found any ammo. More than a little annoyed at it.

Put on some Ameriglo IDOT sights on new Glock(haven't named her yet), courtesy of Bain & Davis in the SGV. I like the sights, service was overnight, and they seem to be done well(though I'd expect it be hard to screw up a Glock sight install).

Spent the week without girlfriend, as she was gallivanting around London and Paris(missed her flight home, but more on that later). Honorable Father says it's good practice for when we inevitably break up. I admit that I was more bored than I usually was, but was also more productive than I usually am.

Pick up for WASR and PTR-91KF on Wednesday, but still have found nothing to feed them. Hopefully the world will have calmed down by the time I find time to go out and break them in.

About that missing the plane thing:
Girlfriend and Twin took the Eurostar from Paris to London, rushing to Heathrow. Eurostar delay- missed flight back to US due New Zealand Air's "lack of customer service," went through internet/cellphone rigamarole. Eventually, strings pulled through their aunt(NZA employee), flight home scheduled. Hope they didn't miss this one.

Konspiracy Korner

Watched a bunch of this guy's videos. Maybe I just want an excuse to get more guns. Creepy though.

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