Monday, April 22, 2013

Guns and Boobies

Picked up the Glock 19 that I ordered way back in February. Haven't found anything to feed it though.

Never had the chance to just sit down and examine a Glock before. I am impressed with the simplicity of the design. Really. It took be about 10 minutes to figure out how to install a extended magazine release, and extended slide release, and a 3.5lb trigger connecter(as opposed to the 5lb one it was shipped with).

I really like it. I like how easy it is to rack, I like the "just long enough" size of the frame. And I like how goddamn simple it is operate it.

I don't like the stupid 10 round magazines it comes with(goddamn California) when the standard is 15. I don't like plastic guns(though I understand their capabilities). I definitely don't like the craptacular plastic sights, and will rectify that as soon as I am able.

Couldn't help but order more firepower before I walked out though. Sigh...

Boobie Day 2013 also came and went. Three of us went to Cafe Lu, which was pretty packed, but also had the prettiest girls, and the most second-hand smoke. I'll be sure to bring nose filters next time. Spoke at length to one of the waitresses, who said she barely started working there. Petite, no tits to speak of, but cute enough. Apparently, the owner of the place is a woman, who knows a bunch of plastic surgeons, and gets her talent from the girls who need a way to help work off their boobjobs. Or something. Was loud in there.

Cafe Temptation was our next stop. Much quieter, not nearly as packed, but didn't have as many waitresses. On the other hand, the girls here were much plushier than at Cafe Lu(also had more tattoos, but that might be a plus for some), where the waitresses were entirely on the petite scale(minus the ones with boobjobs(I assume they're boob jobs, or maybe they just won the gene lottery)).

Ended the day at some Vietnamese restaurant that I picked at random(alright, I googled "bikinis food Garden Grove" and just picked the first likely candidate). Ended up at what we assumed was a hostess joint. Except everything was written in Vietnamese. And none of the girls spoke more than a lick of English. Or anything else besides Vietnamese.

Was difficult to order food. Girls not as pretty as in previous joints. Was sad.

End Boobie Day 2013. Hopefully 2014 will be better. There might even be a 2013.5, but that's up in the air.

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