Friday, April 9, 2010


So I've got this itch.

No it's not a bug bite or anything. I've had it before; it's reoccurring.

And NO, it's not herpes or something equally disturbing.

It's an itch to get out of the freaking city and back into the wood. It's an itch that can only scratched with the tree bark(tree still attached) of an old oak, or by the sound of the river rushing by at night.

And you know I got it when I start staring at bushcraft gear for hours on the net.

I really want a small(2-3 inch blade length) scandi grind knife piggybacked to a larger(5-7 inch blade length) scandi grind chopper, complete with firesteel loop and sharpening stone pouch. All leather sheath.

A WoodBear or a Bark River set would be nice.

The sheath will need to be a custom job, unfortunately. And since the IRS literally left me with $3USD in my account, I won't have the moolah to place any kind of order in for several weeks, if not months.

As I have seen someone say/write:

Le Sigh.

In other news:

This is what happens when you run about doing unnecessary things. The US may not have had the best policy before, but it was a clear one. Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical, it didn't matter which one was used, the US considered them all equal as Weapons of Mass Destruction, and would retaliate in kind with WMDs. Being who we are, that meant Nuclear, since our stocks of Biological or Chemical weapons are not large nor readily deploy-able.

Classic example of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Oh, and the Greece Bailout may actually happen.

And this is why I neither have a credit card, nor play Farmville.