Monday, April 26, 2010

Life and Adventure


I use this word a lot, as many people can attest. But I'm not sure they know what I mean when I use it. So I'm going to define it for ya'll.


Adventure is experiencing life. It's excitement, discovery, and learning.

Adventure is something beyond the routine. Something to break up the monotony of life. It might not be fun. In fact, it could suck. It could end badly. You might die from it. Then again, it could be fun. It could be the time of your life. You could discover things you never knew about, and understand things you knew so little of.

Adventure could be as simple as a walk around the neighborhood, or as complex as a trip overseas. It could be as contrived as a drive to Target, or as exciting as skydiving.

Adventure is living life to the fullest. If someone offers you an opportunity to so something new, you take it. If you find yourself with the chance to do something different, you jump right on it. And you don't even need to go very far to do it.

Hell, you could have an adventure without leaving the house! (though that kind of adventure is best kept private.)

However, adventure is about more than just experiencing life. It's hardship, struggle, and pain.

Adventure is what makes you a man(or woman). It's the fight to move past entitlement, and into self-reliance. It's moving past the sheep-ple mentality, raising your head, and taking a long, objective look around you.

It's realizing that you have only one life. Understanding that you have but one chance to do it right.

And doing it right.