Sunday, April 18, 2010


It seems like my prediction was right, as per Photo Summary 002. More essays in the works. This one took from 1700hrs to 2300hrs.

But enough about that.

Saturday was an exciting day.

In the morning I went with SuburbanDweller to pick up his birthday present from, a new(well, not new, considering the thing is over 50 years old) SKS. It's a Norinco with all matching parts.

In the afternoon, we went to explore a new trail I ran across while driving to a construction site.

At night, I went to watch Kick-Ass. Kick ass. Really. For a superhero(well, not super) movie with such silly costumes, it was awesome.

This morning I installed a garage door, though not by myself. It doesn't seem to be all that hard, but still took about 4 hours. I'm sure there's still much more I don't understand, but time will fix that problem.

In other news:

The new KFC Double Down is awesome. It wasn't near as greasy/oily as I thought it would be, though it was much more expensive than I had expected.

No serious news I care about enough to write about.

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Pete said...

Dude that was Friday.

But also, you beat me to a Kick-Ass review. Well played.