Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last Spring Break of My Life

WARNING: SELF-PITY POST, but read the news below.

Thus it ends. I shall never have another Spring Break again.

I find it disappointing that I essentially worked through every Spring Break I've had in college. This previous week was no different. The only day(night) of leisure I had was a few rounds of beer pong with a few of my equally girl-less friends in a garage, whining about how girl-less we were. And that will be the best spring break memory I'll ever have.

I have not visited either of two Meccas of Spring Break (Cancun and Las Vegas), nor have I spent my recess anywhere else for the sake of leisure. I fear that this will become the pattern of my life, never going out and letting loose, even if given the opportunity. I fear that my mindset will prevent me from enjoying this life to its fullest, always calculating, always thinking, always measuring my options.

Even during sex, I'm planning out my day tomorrow. How sad is that?

In other news:

Can't this guy do anything right?! Saying that we won't use nukes in retaliation for chem or bio-warfare is like saying, well..."Why don't you guys attack us with chem or bio weapons? We won't shoot back, Scout's honor!" The US doesn't have the stockpiles of chem and bio weapons to retaliate against a large scale attack from said weapons. What we do have is nukes, and now we can't use them?!

Hell, what if some city/town gets attacked through bio-weps, and everyone's dead, but we need to sterilize the place. The only thing to do it with is a nuke(at least to do it thoroughly), but hey, no we can't use those. We're going to need the guys in moonsuits and flamethrowers to walk on in and burn everything, and hope we kill all the germs.

Oh, and you know that the US has gone to the pits when the Russians lecture us about capitalism, and we can't refute it.

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