Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hiatus, maybe?

As stated in the earlier post, I'm leaving for Taiwan tonight(technically, tomorrow morning).

My internet connection will be spotty during the trip, so I'll post even less than I'm posting now, probably.

I am slightly worried though, as the person whom I was assisting with her English essays has her final essay due next Thursday, and I may not have a chance to look it over before she turns it in. This is very not good, as there is no doubt that her professor will become suspicious over the sudden change in her writing style and the drastic decrease in her grammar skill.

I suppose it will work itself out.

Beyond that, I have the usual concerns about the house, but my armed neighbors and friends assure me they will assist me in keeping watch over it while I am away.

My next post will likely be from Taiwan.

See ya'll later!

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