Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meet Taylor

I picked up a Citadel 1911-A1 made by Armscor in the Philippines the day after my return, but only made it to the range last Friday.

I'm loving her. The groups are tight, the expected super-smooth 1911 trigger, and the sheer point-ability of the thing make it hard to find fault with her. I would have liked better sights, but for the price($550USD), I can't complain. I'll have to see about finding a gunsmith in my area and getting some new ones. Tritium would be nice, but not really necessary.

Also pictured is the newest addition to my collection of ocarinas. I like it well enough, but it's a bit too high pitched for my ears to put up with for very long.

In other news:

Not much going on that peaks my interest at the moment. Politicians are making laws and spending money when they ought to be cutting back and repealing(in whichever order they choose), and the world keeps on turning.

I'm tired.

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