Friday, June 18, 2010

New Chair

Lakers won the NBA Finals. Was pretty exciting, but not epic.

Jumped straight to work after returning. One vacant house had a bunch of trash, but found two brand new neckties and a solid wooden chair. Purported to be a Gunlocke, age questionable, but a tag stapled on the underside states "1921" but may be a serial number. The varnish was pretty badly damaged. Searching online revealed it to be a model no longer produced.

I brought it home, sanded it down and re-stained it using CLP. That's right. CLP gun cleaner/oil. Turned out alright so far, but going to need to finish it somehow with a sealant. Paraffin wax that I use as lamp oil seems to be the readily available choice.

More on this later.

In other news:

The most epic game related post I've ever seen:  

Japan's birth rate is abysmal, among the lowest in the world at around 1.21. Japan needs more babies.

Miyamoto is trying to help.

Young Japanese men often have neither the time, money or local facilities to play sports or take women on dates like bowling, tennis and the like.
Miyamoto creates Wii Sports.

Young men who are out of shape have a tougher time getting women to play Wii Sports with them, and don't look nearly as suave when they do.

Miyamoto puts out the Balance Board and Wii Fit.

Young, attractive, single women are still all over Japan, and Miyamoto begins to wonder if these young salarymen are hot-blooded males, or if the reason it seems like they are oblivious to the women around them is that they have become walking zombies.

Miyamoto creates the Wii Vitality Sensor.

Miyamoto realizes that there are men out there with a pulse who aren't in bad shape, and are interested in women, but simply have no social skills whatsoever when it comes to the opposite sex.

Miyamoto explains to men that women are like cats.


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