Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am now a proper surfing Kalifornian.

Had surfing lessons today with some friends, driving all the way down to San Diego for them. Spent 1.5 hours with instructors, and an additional hour free play. Saw Tiffy in a two piece, smiling. Was different from her usual boy jeans, t-shirt, and scowl.


After, we went to go eat at Phil's BBQ.

Went to Extraordinary Desserts for, well...dessert, where Tiffy chose a remarkably good tea. Eden, a Japanese sencha with hints of green apple. Also realized that my morning tea was as freaking expensive as my mother says it is (Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong, premium grade).Was curious about the tea Ginza Girl, but at $30 for a 2.8oz tin, was not intrigued enough.

As I was designated driver of the day, when I went to drop off Tiffy, we realized that no one was at her apartment, and she didn't have keys. End result?

I break into places even on my days off.

In other news:

Archery lessons next Saturday. Let's do this.

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