Monday, August 30, 2010

Thoughts and Developments

Been contemplating a lot these days. Work is less hectic than usual due to cycle reasons, giving me lots of spare time to catch up on stuff and start working on that big stack of books I've been meaning to read (starting with Stiff by Mary Roach).

I realized that with the departure of SuburbanDweller, I find myself with a shortage of available companions, and have resorted to driving down to OC where another group of friends reside. It's not a long drive, but it is a drive, nonetheless.

School is, as expected, boring, and expensive for the bore-fest they put us through. As a matter of fact, I'm writing this in class as the teacher attempts (and fails) to interest me in his lecture.

I've again taken on a new hobby. Archery has proven as fun as I had expected, if not more so. The entire time I was at Hi-Tech Archery (Beginners classes on Saturdays 15-1600hrs, $15USD) I was screaming excitedly in my head, "OMGOMGOMG cheeeeep shooting!!!!"

Yes, for those of you that know me personally, guns and ammo have put enough of a dent in my nowadays-thin wallet to give me pause and consider alternatives.

While it won't take the place in my heart that guns currently occupy, I can see archery making it's own niche somewhere in that hollow lump of granite.

Oh, and I ate at California Fish Grill some time last week, and it was good enough to mention here. As was House of Shabu Shabu (AYCE includes lamb, + sushi, and a 6 glass pitcher of Newcastle was only $9USD!).

In other news:

Will be purchasing a recurve bow soon as able. Soon as able being defined as "Do I really want to buy my textbooks?".

Also going to Lytle Creek Range on 9/11. How better to pass the anniversary of that attack on the American Way than to go shoot things, drink beer(hopefully), and eat BBQ(hopefully), with a bunch of hyphenated Americans?
Anyone want to come with?

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