Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lots has happened,

but I'm too tired to write too much about it.

Let's see....

Besides work, I played Ultimate Frisbee in the dark, and met with two friends I haven't seen for a while at K'ya.

Also, on Thursday night, one of the Tustin Krew went AWOL. A hundred and a half miles, six hours, and two police reports later, he contacted us, saying he was at home. (Note to self, have to do something nice for the guys and repay the favors owed.)

Last night, she (see post: Plans Shot) finally made it here, after missing another flight. Took her bungee jumping today for what was supposed to be a overnight camping trip, but turned out to be but one day after I realized she walked faster than I thought she would.

The rest of the week is spent as a tour guide, with work thrown in, here and there.

In other news:

Hadn't had time to be keepin' up with that.

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