Monday, March 28, 2011

Catalina Island

Went to Catalina Island with friends over the weekend. We rented a condo for two nights, and finished a bottle of vodka a night.

Well, I finished most of it. The 95lb girl made a good effort though.

And really, Stoli is good stuff. I think it better than that weak French stuff the others seemed to prefer.

It was a good call to bring the usual sleeping bag.

Trip there was in a helicopter. I'd usually adhere to the rule that "if the wings are moving faster than the fuselage, it is inherently unsafe," but made an exception this time. It's a good thing that all of our group were skinny folk.

Food on the island was rather expensive, though that was no surprise. Zip-line wasn't really worth it, go bungee jumping instead. Scuba was brill, if expensive, and the water cold as f**k. Will probably go and get certified.

Weather was good to us, contrary to the claims of the weatherman. Got a couple good shots in, check the Flickr stream to the right.

Would do again, would recommend to a friend. Would also recommend said friend bring another friend so said friend would have other friend to warm friend during cold nights.

In other news: is pretty awesome.

Work is dirty.

Gas is $4USD now.

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