Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's what makes life beautiful

My grandmother passed on today.

Life goes on.

 The sunset, the eve of my grandmother's death

I wasn't close with her, but seeing her on that bed, and the reactions of my relatives does make me think some.

I don't think death bothers me as much as it does most other people. Maybe it's cause I've seen people die before, maybe because I don't think it's something to cry over.

People die. It may be spontaneous, it may be something you'll see coming from far off.

But when the time comes, we'll all inevitably move on. It's not like we'll have a choice. What are you gonna do, challenge Death to a chess game?

Sure, I'll be sad that I will never see so-and-so again, but I'll have the memories(I hope, 'less I'm so old or have some disease that means I can't even have those no more, but then, I wouldn't care, because I wouldn't remember I had the memories), and those memories will be all the more precious knowing that there will be no more.

I think it's kinda exciting, to see the Great Beyond...I mean, who wants to live forever? Your body, once strong and capable, becomes weak and ever more fragile. Where once you could leap fences and climb trees with impunity, your greatest fear becomes falling and being unable to pick yourself up.

And even if you should remain forever young, what would you do? I personally believe I would get bored of life within a few centuries.

No, immortality does not strike my fancy.

Sure, I don't really want to die yet, but one day, after I've experienced enough, seen enough, I'll take that long walk into the dark, and be satisfied.

And even should I die tomorrow, not having lived my life to the fullest, I'll shrug and move on anyway. I only hope that I'll live long enough my parents won't have to bury me, and that my death does not overly inconvenience somebody. If I'm extra lucky, maybe I'll die a glorious death, maybe I'll even die for a cause!

But even if I die young, inconveniencing thousands, under ignoble and pointless circumstances, I'm still not gonna challenge Death to a chess game.


Pete said...

Sorry about your loss man.

Richard said...

if death challenged you to a game of chess...would you accept?