Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shooting People 01

Yesterday, I took the day off from work and shot people.

With my camera.

A friend of a friend happens to be a make-up artist. She apparently heard from a little bird that I have a camera, and invited me to shoot some of her friends for some reason or the other. Having never seriously shot people before, it was kinda out of my photographic comfort zone.

Being the gung-ho, try everything, to-adventure-and-beyond person I am, I jumped at the chance.

Results can be seen in the photostream to the right.
I even brought along a model of my own(e.g. shoved fellow photo-enthusiast forward).

The shoot was pretty fun, even if I missed some of it due to logistical issues. Will do again, and happily.

In other news:

Donated $500USD to Sendai Earthquake relief. Hope all my favorite manga artists are alright.

Also, people protested at work. With a bike horn. They seemed trained. Kinda odd.

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