Monday, May 16, 2011

Road Trip Overview Part 1

Caught my breath from my weeklong road trip.

There were ups and downs, ups being the sights(both landscape and female) and the food, downs being Nikki's accident and a traffic ticket, as well as the snoring.

Nan, who is originally from Holland(yeah, a Dutch Asian, whodathunk), had a friend visiting from his hometown. We decided to make his trip more memorable with a trip round the southwestern USA.

We rented a car(for insurance reasons), but discovered that there was an "underage driver's fee" of $25/day for drivers under 25 years of age. Ridiculous, but we paid it.

Our weeklong trip started with us heading north to San Francisco, with a stop at Grant's Grove. Trees were large and awe inspiring, as expected.

Our first and most painful disaster struck when we reached SF that first night. A short argument about certain vehicular controls resulted in a non-vehicular accident. The victim: Nikki, who sacrificed herself for our safety.

Spent the night at SuburbanDweller's, who was a kind enough to let us base at his home the two days we were in SF. He seemed well and in good spirit, if busy. It was the first we'd seen of each other in a while, and I was happy to see him hale, hearty, and whole.

Parking is quite the chore in the city. We ended up abandoning the car in a paid garage and hoofing it everywhere. First stop of the morning was at Union Square and the only camera shop open at 0930 on Mother's Day.

Purchased a new D7000, who I immediately christened Konni(inspired, I know). This event dealt a debilitating blow to my finances for this trip. I had left the house with 3 times more than I had expected to spend, but started the day with half that amount in debt.


Dragged Nan and Arjen(pronounced are-ee-en) back and forth across the city on foot. Went to Lombard St., Coit Tower, explored North Beach and the Golden Gate Park(bison!).

The best of all sights was at the Corona Heights Park outside of Castro. There exists a small hill that allows for a 360 panoramic view of the city. Brilliant.

The next day was spent mostly on food. Brenda's Soul Food is possibly the best place I've ever eaten at. Be sure to get the watermelon sweet tea. Had Pluto's sandwiches as well. It wasn't super, but was palatable enough. I actually think Brenda's ruined all the other food in the city for me. Checked out the Bay and the Exploratorium area(mostly that greco structure next to the Exploratorium, as said Exploratorium was closed on Monday.). Crosses the Golden Gate, snapped a few shots. And it was off to Reno.

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