Sunday, May 22, 2011

151 posts and counting + Jacqui

This is my 151st post on this blog. I'm actually kinda proud I kept up with it for so long.

Yay me!

Had a pretty quiet week. Worked work that had piled up while I was gone, celebrated a birthday of a friend with shabu, cigars, and lambic beer.

The new shabu place that opened up in Rowland Heights, Jazz Cat, is pretty good. I've been there twice this week, both times getting lamb(cute, and delicious!) and the House Special soup.

Had another photoshoot with BeBreathtaking, model was, unexpectedly, someone I already knew.

Was actually quite nice, since I was actually comfortable with her, and hopefully vice versa. I think I did much better this time around.

Picked up a long awaited wide-angle lens. Will be rearranging my bag to accommodate this new addition.

DX Dream bag is now

1: 10-24mm Wide Angle (have it)

2: 28-300mm FX or 55-200mm DX (have neither, undecided, about which to get, will probably get both eventually, especially since the 55-200 only costs $200, and I do plan on going FX in the future when the D800 is released)

3: 35mm DX (have it, great for low light and normal shooting)

4: 105mm Macro (don't have it, but I have the 60mm Macro, and I can only see the 105 being even better)

Speaking of bags, my Incase DSLR bag bust a seam. No biggie, will sew it up when able.

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