Monday, June 27, 2011

Shopping and Explorations!

Quiet week. Ain't done much 'sides work.

Went shopping with a pair of twins. Separately, mind you, on two different days. Comparatively interesting, literally speaking.

They tended to follow the same shopping pattern, though one was much more concerned about shoes and accessories than the other was.

Bought one twin dinner, bought the other a skirt and a few small bits and pieces.

Lead someone to explore new and interesting aspects about life.

Said someone leaving LA for a three month internship in SD, meaning I'll be getting cranky near the end of the week, then mellowing out during weekend visits.

Also, a dear friend is returning for the summer on the weekend.

Am looking forward to the weekend. 

It promises much cuddling.

Ninja Edit: Forgot something awesome: Watermelon Sweet Tea - Sweet, sweet success.

Ninja Edit 2: Said someone above is returning to LA tonight because internship suckage. Good new or bad news? 

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