Monday, June 6, 2011

Strawberries and Boobs.

Had an odd, but good, day.

Took some pictures in the morning.

Went to pick strawberries at Cal Poly(slim pickins'). Might have been better at another strawberry patch, such as the one next to CSUF. This one doesn't seem large enough for all the people that go. Was also very expensive, at 3USD/lb.

Spent rest of the afternoon and evening hopping around various places featuring nubile female staff in revealing dress, most notably Cafe Lu and The Lounge.

The other places in the area were pretty dead. Maybe they'll be better on a busier day.

Also notable this week:

Went to the Turner's gun show. Want M1a now.

Also, note to myself: step by step 6-5-11

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