Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tim Burton, Dog, and Spring Cleaning

A sorta quiet week, the exception being yesterday.

Had Vizzi Food Truck's Foie Gras PB&J on Wednesday. Possibly the most delicious thing I've ever had. Didn't realize we had food truck gatherings nearby, but we do, and I am all the poorer for it.

Viewed the Tim Burton exhibit at the LACMA. Interesting, if full of things that I didn't really expect to be in an exhibit.

Went to a place called Hambone's Soul Food for lunch. Was the fastest BBQ joint I've ever been to. Only took about 5 minutes for me to get my food, as opposed to waiting an hour for a table and another 40 minutes to order and get our food. Place also had direct TV and a super friendly owner. And yes, his name is Hambone.

Probably the most interesting event to occur this week would be Rabbit the dog(it's still technically nameless, so I named it Rabbit, temporarily). A friend wanted to get a dog for his girl, but was in NorCal and the seller was unwilling to hold the dog for him. As a consequence, we(Puddin' and I) had to go get the dog(Pomeranian-Shitzu mutt) for him. Damn thing had fleas nesting all over it.

What's with girls and wanting tiny useless dogs anyway? Can't they fall for something that comes in medium or large?

Admittedly, Rabbit was goddamn cute, but still, fleas and uselessness does not a heavenly match make.

Cleaned out the garage and the closet today. My packrat tendencies have come back to haunt me. I've got stuff from every year of my life tucked away in there, and I can date them back to about a decade ago when I moved into this house by the thickness of the dust layer on various objects.

But at least I can park my car indoors again.

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