Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Food Trucks and Returns

Lots of good things this week.

Outdoor Cinema Food Fest is way better than OC Foodie. For one thing, you can actually get food.

The best of the lot was the Vizzi truck. I mean, seriously, those sliders were delicious. And I hear the foie gras PB&J was the bomb.

But the greatest thing to happen this week was the mass return of many friends who graduated from college. I now have people to hang out with in the evenings without having to drive across town. Hell, there's even people(person, really) within walking distance again!

Estrogen has been reintroduced into my life, and I'm mellow-er already!

and Nikki's home too!

It's kinda late, and I got work tomorrow, so I'll cut this one short here.

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