Wednesday, October 9, 2013


10/09/2013 Los Angeles

About to embark on the longest trip of my (admittedly short life. I believe the longest continuous trip I've yet taken is the three weeks this past summer. I'm not feeling very excited about the trip(then again, not usually excited about anything). Pensive passivity is the emotion of the day.

The new Villaragiosa terminal is quite impressive. Very shiny, especially the new floors. I'm not quite convinced it was quite worth the cost, but it is a suitable face for the biggest city on the West Coast. The architect did a good job: lots of glass, arching ceiling, etc. Biggest annoyance? Billions of dollars spent, power plugs on new seats don't work. Ridiculous. Most impressive feature? Projection clock tower in departure hall.

I'm quite taken with it.

Handwriting is as difficult and as terrible as it was last week in this tiny notebook, but I have confidence that I will improve. Other things to improve on this trip? Maybe I can finally start and stick with a workout of some kind. (Unlikely.)

Last meal in LA? In-n-Out.

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Location:World Way,Los Angeles,United States

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