Friday, October 4, 2013

Pre-Trip Notes and Blog Changes, Transcription Begins

There is now an travel equipment list that I will (hopefully) keep updated on the right hand side.

I will now begin all posts with a date and location. Why? Because while traveling, international dateline says that location dates will vary with blog date.

Transcription (with corrections) Begins(parentheses are direct to text additions):

10/4/13 Los Angeles

I've picked up 3 Picadilly Medium Primo notebooks today. Also picked up a pair of gel refills for my Schrade Pen. So far, the combination of the two seems to work well enough.

I've spent a lot of money this week, purchasing a new laptop (Sony VAIO Pro 11), some new clothes, bags...All of this because of an announcement my father made a few weeks ago:

I'm to spend the next year(maybe two) Traveling the World(minus Africa, because my mother doesn't want me going there, but maybe Antarctica).

My mother had wanted me to apply for a some kind of graduate program, but I was of the opinion that such a thing would matter little in my occupation. My father shared my opinion(somewhat, but still thought I needed some seasoning and education) and told me two days later that he signed me up for a series of tours over the next few months. Any work still pending needed to be rushed to completion, put on hold, or otherwise pushed onto someone else.

Father explained that rather than spending $100,000 of perfectly good dollars on a degree that I most likely would never use, he had devised his own way of furthering my education. Throughout the next year, he would pick out destinations throughout the world, and send me to tour them. (Also, when asked why tour groups, he replied that I wouldn't need to spend the time figuring out what to do when I got to a destination. Also, he said I could go back again in the future if I wanted to explore on my own. "Company will pay ticket. No worry.") All that I need to do is bring myself and my camera. My only homework assignment would be to keep a log.

I've decided I would keep said log the old fashion way, using notebooks. Then I would transcribe(such as I am doing now) to digital format later. This might seem tedious and unnecessary to some, but I've discovered that since leaving school many years ago, my handwriting and grammar has deteriorated to an unacceptable state, and that this would be an excellent opportunity to bring both up to a more satisfactory level. (One issue I did not predict: It's difficult to write in a small notebook.)

I leave in five days. Here's to hoping my Amazon order arrives in time.

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