Saturday, October 12, 2013

Quiet Afternoon Habits

10/12/13 Taipei

I can now report with certainty that US Starbucks cards cannot be used in Taiwan; Taiwanese cards are embedded with smart-chips, unlike their US magnetic strip equipped brethren. Quite unfortunate.

I watched a movie with my cousins this morning. MALAVITA. De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones, snarky humor, whats not to love? Finally getting better at writing in this tiny notebook(not that my actual handwriting has gotten any better). I only hope my ink refills will last(I got more, but left them in the truck at home, silly me). Also, I need to remember to keep up with transcriptions to my blog(and not double post, as seen in this particular post).

I believe that I've gotten a better idea of my Fuji X100's capabilities and functions, but have yet to come up with a name for it. I like the thing, but only time will tell if she's a capable replacement for my DSLRs during my travels.

10/11/13 Taipei

I'm sitting in a small mom & pop cafe in Taipei. It rained pretty heavily this morning. The smell of mold permeates the stale air. Being a born and raised LA boy, its a strange odor, one reserved for the oldest of houses, most decrepit of houses, or those with recent plumbing issues(of course, the two are not mutually exclusive). Piano jazz emits from what sounds to be a ancient speaker(and truly, by the sounds of it, ancient might be putting it lightly), giving the place an even more dilapidated feel.

Surprisingly, despite smell and sound, the place looks just fine, with a pretty good crowd for a Friday afternoon. The plane ride over wasn't particularly special; I caught up with recent movies; The Heat, WWZ, a few Hong Kong action flicks...I did my best not to fall asleep on the plane, and ended up with less jet lag than usual. My shoulders are pretty tight though(a situation that's been ongoing for several weeks now) and would like a massage. It's very unlikely that I'll get one though.

I'll make do. I always do.

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