Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Ride + Photo Summary 03 Weekend Edition

So lots of things have happened since Friday.

First of all, I got a new truck, a new Toyota Tacoma regular cab in "Magnetic(?) Gray Metallic." It was literally the cheapest Tacoma I could get that wasn't a stick.

 Looks like this, haven't named her yet.

I was driving with dear ol' Dad down the 10 Freeway when we went passed by the Longo Toyota sign. I said to him:

Me: I oughta get a truck.
Dad: You should. We need one.
Me: I oughta pull over right now and get one.
Dad: Why not?
Me: ....Okay then. *exits freeway*

We walked in and literally told the salesman to give us the cheapest automatic transmission Tacoma they had, and chose a color. Then we tried to figure out how we were going to pay for the thing. Scraping together all the cash we had on hand, we realized we could put down about half without having to run to the bank to get more(we didn't bring checkbooks). Then Dad asked about financing, and realized that

Dad: Hey, son. You don't have any credit.
Me: No sh*t. You realize I never got a credit card.
Dad: Why not?
Me: *blank stare*
Dad: Oh. Right. Well, you should apply for one now. But I'll cosign on the truck.
Me: Gee. Thanks Dad.

You see, I was raised never to spend any money that I didn't have. But because I didn't have a credit card, I didn't have a credit history, and that means I didn't have any credit. Not bad credit. NO credit.

And if I wanted to finance the truck by myself, I'd have to pay interest at about 20%. *uck that sh*t. I'd rather just pay in full then and there, but apparently, having the truck financed would help me build up a credit history on my non-existent credit, so Dad was adamant on my financing the thing.


So we cosigned on the truck and went home, where I promptly got online and applied for a credit card.

But my weekend consisted of much more than that!

Attended a birthday celebration! 

 Got these awesome strawberry donuts from Donut Man in Glendora(googlemaps)

Found hidden scenic point over Puddingstone Lake, brought SuburbanDweller and Phamtom

Swung on a rope, as SuburbanDweller demonstrates

All in all, a satisfyingly eventful weekend.

In other news:

Command & Conquer 4: I've been playing this RTS series for as long as I remember. It was the first computer game I ever bought, at the tender age of 7. And how it has fallen.

In short, C&C4 sucks. Hard. In a misguided attempt to leave basebuilding behind and rush straight into the action, C&C has lost something. Something crucial to making the game fun. Instead, we have to lug our bases around with us, and boy, it is clumsy as all get out. It makes the game sluggish and slow, and definitely not Command & Conquer. Oh, and the constant online server connection thing? I thought that would be the thing I hate most about the game, but it has since been relegated to a mere annoyance.


tibbyme said...

did you really take all those pics? i like them! haha and i liked the group pic x)

Ray said...

C&C has never been the same since EA got there dirty hands into it. Now it's just a cash cow that they're trying to milk more money out of before letting it die. I'd play it only to see how Kane makes his exit, but seriously...Kane will be BACK! (As long as EA gets the profit margins it needed) Mobile bases aren't a new idea. Just check out Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts.