Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo Summary 002

Here's a summary of what I've done (other than work) these past few days.

My friends and I decided to have a impromptu BBQ. Here's Phamtom washing the grill we looted from my work just that morning.

I helped someone with their English essays, most certainly not out of the (non-existent) goodness of my heart, though I'm not sure what will come out of it. Probably more essays, as the trend is going.

Here's some ducks in the school fountain. They've been there for a couple days now. Wonder what they've been eating? (probably sandwich bread the students feed them)

Saw this girl (isn't that the cutest petulant face you ever saw) break a door key at the local GameStop. It got stuck between the safe door, we had to wait 10 minutes overtime for the safe lockout. And the key came out broken, so it was a wasted 10 minutes.

Took some pictures of this girl with her gun. BTW, that gun is the black-framed SKB 600 I compared Petra to (see post: Beauty in...). You can see me in the mirror. Look at that smile! Haven't had a girl smile so widely around me in quite some time.

In other news:

I'm tired of hearing about Toyota(because I'd rather hear about when GM is going to pay back our money), because every time I hear about some "uncontrollable acceleration" issue, I react in my mind exactly like this man. It's common sense, people. And not the "common sense" from "common sense gun control," but the real one.

Also, the Dems actually did it. They're pulling reconciliation on 1/6th of the US economy. Wonderful news, isn't it?

That's a lie. It's terrible news. I'm going to Costa Rica if(actually, it's getting scarily close to when) it passes.
Oh, and you know how mothers have long memories? Well, fanatics do too.


Pete said...

what kinda essay?

Teko said...

An essay about the death penalty. Her essay was against it, which made it rather difficult for me to write, as every argument she made I could refute on the spot.

Ray said...

GM has already paid back our money. The real question is when the heads of the Investment Banks actually take responsibility for screwing everyone because of their incompetence. I would suggest death by firing squad, but knowing how much they enjoyed their multimillion dollar bonuses, I suggest the gulag.

Pete said...

You're a good friend for helping her.