Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Room on "Safe"

To those that know me well, or even those who have simply known me long enough, my room is, if not comfortable, at least acceptable in their eyes. However, to those who know neither me nor the intricacies of my domicile, my room is, and I quote, "a deathtrap."

I suppose that was an overreaction, but I will agree that it is somewhat intimidating, what with all types of "dangerous" and purposefully lethal objects lying around. In the past, this did not bother me so much, as my friends were alright with it, and those so easily intimidated, I probably would not have stayed friends with them for very long.

In fact, more than once have I used my room for the very purpose of scaring someone off. In the past, I've had several girls(as opposed to the more mentally mature women) who believed that I was "the one" for them, to lead them to a bright land of easy living and constant vacations(The family is anything but poor, and I do very little to hide that fact).

I'd take her back home, let the pops grill her for a while, then show the toasty remains to my room. They're happy enough to leave my be after that. At times, this has backfired on me, as I would sometimes "lose contact" with someone who I actually liked after they encounter my living quarters, but over all, the system has worked quite well.

No longer.

The situation has changed. I am almost done with school, and after seeing what the dating pool is like outside of college(FYI: terrible to non-existent), I find myself in somewhat of a rush to build connections and networks that may hopefully lead to some good opportunities.

All the obviously dangerous things are no longer in open view. Most are behind lock and key. I'm quickly bringing the condition of the room towards what I believe to be majority normality for someone of my age and status. Hopefully, this will, if not make me more appealing, at least make me less intimidating.

I won't be left picking at the scraps.

In other news:

Reafferimation of one reason why I'm not religious. Who wants to be involved in that kind of thing?

And The Hurt Locker beat out Avatar for Best Picture, and pretty much everything else. Awesome, especially since the directors of the two movies are exes. Rivalry?


Jeffrey said...

haha this is interesting. i wanna see how your room looks XD

Teko said...

You'll see it. Someday.