Thursday, March 4, 2010

Use Your Friends

People who know me well often hear me say:

"What good are friends if you don't use them?"

Some choose to interpret this statement literally, but that is not always the case. You're using your friends even when you're just hanging out with them, seeking companionship, so to speak.

Today, I used my friends.

For hard labor.

I love you guys! *teehee*(figuratively)

Related: I got that gun safe.

BTW, that's not me on the ground. That's SuburbanDweller, collapsed from overexertion of his not inconsiderable strength.

In other news:

The Brady Campaign is still pushing Starbucks to ban (legal) guns on their premises. Why the Bradys see it fit to force their way into Starbucks business and make them decide on ticking off a portion of their customers is beyond me. It's causing trouble where there was none. Fortunately, Starbucks ain't having none of that shit and telling the Brady's to fuck off, and that they'll sell their coffee to whomever they damn well please. 'Least that's how I'm reading it.

I'm also never eating at a CPK or a Peet's ever again. Not that I'm against their usage of their right to ban guns on their property, but that they caved to Brady's scare tactics.

Also, I hear that vintners are kegging wine. And that sounds awesome. I don't know how many half-finished bottles of wine I've seen poured out, but it's a disgustingly large number.