Monday, September 13, 2010


Coincidentally, and I mean that in the "once is chance" kinda way, indoor rock climbing has taken center stage of my past week.

Thursday, I met up with my old Fairmont classmate, Alex. He had previously said that he wanted to try out the climbing wall at CSUF. He is apparently experienced in the sport, being a supervisor at his own UCI rock wall.

As a side note, isn't it amazing how guys can meet up after 8 years apart and can pretty much grunt and fall into old patterns without getting excited and interrogating each other over what the other did over the previous years?

Anyways, I joined Alex in his adventure, letting him in as a guest in the CUSF recreation center. End result: my first experience with indoor rock climbing. I didn't want to wear the rock climbing shoes they provided, instead relying on my Vibram Five Fingers, which I thought turned out pretty well. If I get more into this sport, I might consider getting shoes of my own, but until then....meh.

But an essential piece of equipment I realized was immediately necessary was chalk and a chalk bag, right when I discovered my hands tuned into portable swamps when climbing.

After this first foray into climbing, I joined another group of friends on their adventure to Hanger 18 that Saturday, newly acquired chalk in hand. And really, I don't know if it was the company, or because I was more prepared for it, but it was a much better experience this time around. I again went with the Five Fingers, and experienced some of its limitations compared to actual rock climbing shoes, but they worked. I also saw this HOPA rock climber, who was freaking incredible, both in looks and skill. If I ever get that good, maybe some girl would say the same thing about me one day.

just sayin...

In other news:

Halo: Reach is being released tonight. And I don't have a pre-order. Or an Xbox. I do want to play the game, but I have no faith in the hardware after my, and 13 of my friends', Xbox red-ringed. Maybe I'll get a Slim after a few months or so, unless Reach totally blows me away and I get one within the next few weeks.

I'd rather spend the money on climbing and shooting gear though.

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