Monday, September 20, 2010

Dreams and Related Actions, + Summary

A few nights ago, I dreamed of running over rooftops, climbing walls, and gleaming blades.
After mulling about it for a bit, I realized what I had to do.

Today, I purchased Assassin's Creed II.

More on that in further posts.

Had "Meat Night" on Saturday with Kevin, Tiffy, Richard, and Nan. Was enjoyable.

Visited new Total Wine and More in Brea. It was ginormous. It was glorious. Purchased a 12yr Highland Park to replace the Glenfiddich I'm about to finish. Price ain't too bad.

I'll probably try to test out on the CSUF rock wall tomorrow or Wednesday. Climbing also made me realize yet again how out of shape I am. But I find that it's not that I lack the willpower to work out/exercise, but that it's a boring activity. Company would be nice, but most likely unavailable on my schedule.

On another note, I broached the subject of moving out of the house with my parents. Did not go well, but did not go badly either. Will attempt to get them to agree to let me live at the La Habra cottage if it cannot be sold by the time I graduate. Discussion also ranged to occupational questions. It has been decided that a broker's license and a general contractor's license is in my is a reduced chance of romantic relations with members of the fairer sex.

In other news:

Season 3 of Castle premieres tonight. I plan on a night of me, a sixth bottle of Glenfiddich, and Castle, with a game of Starcraft thrown in there somewhere, and paperwork on top everything.

Zhongqiujie is Thursday. I hope to spend it doing something other than drinking scotch by myself on the balcony while puffing cigarillos and eating mooncake, but as it stands, this is the most likely outcome.

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