Tuesday, September 7, 2010


People often observe that every time we finish a meal, I immediately want to leave, ie. "You can't sit still and enjoy the atmosphere?"

First of all, this ain't like afterglow or post-coital cuddling, which I can enjoy just fine. It's just that sitting around in a restaurant pales in comparison to sitting around on some comfy couches at home, or going off on new adventures. It would be different had we all ordered drinks and desert or sommat, but we may as well go to a bar or a drink shop for that.

The second reason is I've spent too much of my life waiting for tables in busy restaurants, and Id rather not subject anyone else to it in a fit of hypocrisy. Case in point, this last Saturday. I'd bet the shabu would have tasted a lot better without the bad taste of waiting so long in my mouth.

Oh, and Tiffy's new apartment? The lock sucks ass. Just sayin.

Oh, and for the other Young twin, the new couch is nice n' all, but really, count the cushions before you drive off with it next time.

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