Thursday, October 14, 2010

Growing Pains

Sitting at work while musing over the near future. I'm wearing a suit for work, an increasingly common occurrence. Today, after auction, I'll be going to a hearing and the county tax assessor's office.

Getting older.

Some differences I've noticed just in the past few years:

I work more than I play now.
School is no longer my first priority(not that it was before).
My alcohol of choice is now scotch, which I used to hate, kinda like how I used to dislike salad. Be it as it may, Choya plum wine will still maintain a bastion in my liver.
I no longer write in pencil. I can't even find a pencil when I need one.
And I can now seriously entertain the idea of moving out. Probably the only good to come out of all this, although the "good" is debatable.

Other concerns I've laid to the side:

Girls: I don't really think about them as females as much as I used to, but now focus my thoughts more on the social networking aspects instead. That's not to say I'm now ignoring girls entirely, just that I no longer simply judge them by how attractive they are and what my chances are at hooking up with them. I also no longer actively pursue new relations.
Games and movies: there's a stack of untouched disks on my shelf, and I find myself unbothered by this fact.
Friends: I know I've been ignoring some of them in favor of my work, and it shows in the number of events I am (not) invited to. At the same time, the fact that I feel the need to invite myself to those events I can attend annoy all parties involved (including myself) to some degree and further worsens my relationship with those friends that still remain.

At this rate, I will likely become a workaholic hermit living alone in my house in the suburban backwoods.

I'm growing up, and I'm not sure I'm enjoying it.

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