Monday, October 4, 2010

Over a year...Status Update 1

Y'know, I just realized that it's been little over a year since I launched this record of my life. And I'm proud to say that I've kept up with it. My, what changes in such a short time...

All the adventures of the past year, all the new responsibilities of a developing adult, all the new abilities acquired, and all the old habits left by the wayside. The signs of my growth(or my decay...).

Here's a quick glance at the status menu:

Age: 22
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 138lbs

Strength: 15 Pull-ups, 35 Push-ups(Perfect)
Stamina: 10 minute mile
Intelligence: Not yet a BA
Luck: So far so good
Status Ailments: Lactose Intolerant, Scoville Tolerance = 0,

Overall Physical Shape: Could be better

Armaments: 11 firearms total, 20+ blades
Current Firearm Choice: Kel-Tec SU-16CA (Kali), Remington 870 Tactical 12ga (Triela), Citadel 1911A1 .45 (Taylor)
Current Blade Choice: Cold Steel Recon Tanto, Benchmade Osborne 940, Leatherman Charge Ti

Apparel of Choice: 5.11 Tac-lite Pants, Condor Soft-Shell Jacket, 5.11 Advance Boots, Misc.

Political Views: Libertarian (Live and let live, and leave my guns alone!)

Relationship Status: N/A

Drink of Choice: Scotch Whisky

Currently Reading: The Alchemist, The History of the World in Six Glasses, Hill of Swords(FF), KBDH!(FF)
Favorite Book: Atlas Shrugged

Currently Watching: Castle S2, How I Met Your Mother S6, Top Gear S?

Current Abode: At home

Current Active Hobbies: Ocarina, Rock Climbing, Archery, Backpacking, Shooting

Newly Acquired Skills: Lockpicking, Rock Climbing, Archery

Currently Playing: Starcraft 2, Assassin's Creed 2

Goals for the coming year:

Move out, preferably by summertime
Get income to 200k+, catch up to my taxes (Unlikely goal, but shoot for the moon)
Get into a suitable relationship
Make more reliable friends
Maintain this blog.

See y'all this time next year!

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