Saturday, February 27, 2010


You know what's awesome? TANG is awesome. I don't know how people can drink other "power" electrolyte drinks after trying TANG. It really is just that awesome.

And it has vitamin C!

I'm going off of this now, because although I've been drinking TANG for quite some time, but I've found a another awesome use for it.

You know how some people squeeze lemon into their tea? TANG works better.

Really, put at teaspoon of TANG into your tea sometime and try it. It tastes awesome.

Awesome drink in Awesome Mug
In other news:

The Democrats are trying to push ObamaCare again. Fuck, I thought we were done with this!

Oh, and for those of you who spend long hours in front of the computer, well, Vicious Circle is pretty cool. It's a weekly podcast by a group of right-wing bloggers. It's actually pretty entertaining when your knowledgeable about right wing issues. The aftershow is probably the funniest part. My personal favorite is aftershow VC #29, where AmbulanceDriver talks about how he hunts and fishes while on duty.


Ray said...

I don't think you can pin healthcare as only a Democrat issue. The Republican Party agrees as much to the notion of reform as the Democrats, but they simply want to see it done in a different way. The only problem for both parties is that their messages have been confused and transmuted by a few loudspeakers with pea brains. It is a fine example of the collapse of Liberal Democracy (and by Liberal I don't mean Left-Wing Politics that people often incorrectly define Liberal Democracy as) into mob rule.

Pete said...

oh hey..mug came in.

Jeffrey said...

haha love the mug

Pete said...

I had some Tang earlier today..

Teko said...

And it was good.