Friday, November 27, 2009

Gummi Bears, Serious Business

I'm a salty kinda guy.

After running that through your head and coming to all the wrong conclusions, I'll rephrase that statement.

I'm a guy who prefer salty snacks over sweet. As a general rule, I avoid candy, as anything too sweet literally makes my teeth hurt. And no, it's not because I have cavities. I'll eat sweets, but not in large quantities and mostly out of politeness or for curiosities' sake.

I suppose it's more a "growing up in a Asian house" thing, as Asians did not traditionally have the gratuitous amounts of sugar that the Westerners did, and their snacks and foods are representative of that. I grew up eating nori(seaweed) rice crackers and pickled plums. My mother did the grocery shopping for most of my life, and I eat whatever she hands me. Like most mothers, Mother didn't hand out candy without prompting, so I never got into the habit of eating sweet things. The situation has not changed much over the years, even as I grew up and encountered more Halloweens. I never did develop the taste for chocolate bars and fruit flavored candy rolls.

But like all things in this world, there are exceptions. I do, occasionally(maybe once every three months or so), seek out candy.

I love gummies. Gummy bears especially. Specifically the tiny ones.

The large neon green one in the center is the standard size bear, for scale.

I've tried every gummy bear I've ever run across, from small confectioners to factory produced 5lb bags. Nothings ever beat the taste of these cute little things dissolving on my tongue.

The sense of satisfaction I get when I eat them is similar to what I'd imagine I'd feel if I were to rid the world of a thousand idiots(related note: watch the movie Idiocracy, or at least the intro), except the murders that are actually happening leave very little evidence and are accompanied by slight sugar high.

You can find these things at your local Sweet Factory(like the one in Brea Mall).