Thursday, November 12, 2009

Odd jobs

Due to some great stroke of luck in my birth, I've never experienced much in the way of financial woes(beyond lawyers suing my family, which to this day gives me a great hatred for that field of work), nor do I ever expect to worry about money on the future. That said, I still need to work, if only to prove to myself that I'm not as spoiled as my father says I am.
Like any middle class child in the US, I've held many odd jobs working for minimum wage. I've done fast food, waiting tables, barista, general clerk, IT, courier, warehousing, etc. Unlike other middle class children, I didn't need the money I was working for. I only wanted the experience of working; I worked for work's sake. When I received my paychecks, I promptly went home and handed them over to my mother, who would make them disappear somewhere.
Ridiculous? Not to me. I've never wanted for anything in my life(except when I was a horny bastard in high school, and still am, but that doesn't count). Pretty much everything I wanted, I've received, or realized I didn't really need.

That said, I recently realized that this situation has lead to me to the possession of a rather varied and somewhat skewed skill set. I can literally do a little of everything, but nothing well.

Computers, accounting, carpentry, construction, security, architectural design...I have done work in all these fields and more. To what end, I know not, but I do know that with the way this recession is going, I couldn't find a job to save my life, except in foreclosure. Exactly where I am now.

Wow, those lock picking lessons from that security job sure came in handy.

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