Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When Technology Fails, Book Review

I'm fond of living. Really. Sometimes, I do things that really risk said life, but I really am fond of it.

And because I'm so fond of my life, I try to learn things that allow me to keep it. Survivalist, I am.

There are a number of books and online media available(not all true) for any survival minded person, but never have I seen such a comprehensive and in-depth collection of knowledge in one place.

Everyone who cares about their life enough to learn how to keep it during a disaster should have this book. Keep it next to your copies of the Survival Guide(both the SAS and Zombie editions) and whatever maps you might have.

This book has everything you may need to know during an emergency or disaster, but goes further to give you instructions and suggestions on making yourself self reliant and sustainable. The topics it covers includes the basic bushcraft topics, but also includes simple chemistry and metal working. There is also a section on energy and power, as modern civilizations would not be modern without the electricity to keep it running. I can see anyone with a working mind and enough willpower would be able to survive years with the knowledge in this book.

Get it at Amazon here.

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