Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Watch Over Me

(Introspection Warning, reaffirmation of existence below)

No, this post isn't about Big Brother, or The Man. While I am suspicious about those kinds of activities by the government, I don't believe that I have reached the point where my own government is interested in my activities(except maybe the IRS, but they're interested in everyone).

I'm talking about the older me's. By older, I mean the ones that came before, the me from last year, the year before, the one from grade school. The one without all the experiences that I have now. The one free of heartache and bloodshed. The innocent me.

I wonder what they would think of what I am now. What I've done, what I've become. The man I am today.

Would they think that I'm cool? Would they be proud that they would one day become the current me?

Or would they be horrified, and shake their heads at how my mindset is now?

But this post isn't just about myself. It's also about the others that I believe are watching over me from the sky, or from the depths of the underworld. These "spirits," for the lack of a better word, are all those that are no longer present here with us in the material world, with only the memories ever reminding us of their existence.

Friends, Ancestors, and those brothers in all but blood. Those who I will join when my own time comes.

Watch over me, all of you.

I will make you proud.

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