Monday, November 9, 2009

raison d'etre

As a new entrant to adult society, I find myself cherishing the memories of my recently passed younger days. For several reasons, I'd never thought I'd live to see age 18, much less 21, but now that I'm here and the shadows past, I find myself somewhat lost in the responsibilities of adult life, though mitigated by the fact I still live at home with the 'rents.

I write this blog to preserve the memories of today, for tomorrow and the tomorrows to come. 10 years down the line, I'll look back and read what I wrote 10 years ago, and remember how easy/hard it was back now compared to how hard/easy it is now later.

For a first post, I think it appropriate to write a briefly thorough(hard to imagine, I know) description of me, drawing from what I've gathered from others.

I'm told I've a very vicious mindset. I prefer to think of it as being coldly logical. I've never been a social person because of this, as I don't usual show much in the way of emotion. I may sometimes act differently though, but mostly for show. Sometimes, things just require a different approach. One of my closer friends, after witnessing my interactions with two different social groups, called me "Two-Face." I admit it is appropriate.

An avid reader, I often find myself going out and purchasing a dozen books on a subject I'm interested in at the moment, reading half before my interest is caught by something else, the cycle beginning anew.

I almost never leave the house without a Leatherman, a small self aid kit, and a folding knife. Said knife bothers my mother to no end. It does in turn bother me that I worry my mother, but I'd prefer to worry my mother and be armed and ready than be unarmed and (relatively)helpless with my relieved mother at home.

I'm something of a causal backpacker and I enjoy the outdoors. I also fish, but rarely do I catch anything. Recent interests include parkour and lock picking, though it could be argued that they are simply renewed interests. One is because I find myself somewhat out of shape, the other is more or less for (all perfectly legal)work.

Trying to look objectively at myself, I believe I'm something of a grab bag, filled a few very good things, some okay things, some bad things, and a few very bad things. What these things are specifically will only be slowly be revealed in future blog posts, it ever. Hopefully, as this blog gets older, the good things will increase as the bad things decrease.

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