Monday, November 9, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Midnight Release!

"What am I doing here?"
I've asked myself at least 15 times since I walked in here tonight. Thousands, if not millions of gamers are flocking to their local game stores tonight for the anticipated release of Modern Warfare 2. I seemed to have been caught up on this madness, my camp chair sitting on the back seat of my car as I browse through the store. The line isn't as long as I expected to be.

Related: My friend actually started work at this store tonight.

First day at work! She's so happy!

Only another 50 minutes to go!

Ninja edit:

The fruit of mine labors:

Recieved the game and was out of the store by 0005hrs. Finished the game under normal difficulty at 0545hrs.

Review: Awesome game, great story, too many enemies. A good portion of missions leave you outnumbered some 20 to 1, which means you're mostly running from checkpoint to checkpoint hoping you don't get your ass shot off. There's too little of the stealthy objective based or force-on-(equal)force gameplay of the first game. I'm not saying there isn't any stealth or force-on-force gameplay, only that there was not enough of it. IW could have replaced some bits of the Rio "running for my life" missions with stealth or force-on-force. And with the number of enemies, even on normal mode, if you try sticking your head out of cover for a 5 count, you will be dead by 4, if not 3. I don't even want to play any of the higher levels(but I will at some point), cause then I might as well save them the trouble and shoot myself. I suppose I should be happy there's no Mile High Club equivalent this time, because it will damn near be impossible to complete it.

First one was better, campaign wise. Multiplayer yet to be evaluated.

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