Saturday, February 6, 2010

Early Inmate Release

I don't know if anyone's heard of this, but one of the inmates that was released from prison early due to the budget-shoring early release law has been arrested a mere 13 hours after his release. Apparently he attempted to rape his counselor.

Really now.

I understand that California is pretty much bankrupt. Actually, the only reason that the state government has not yet declared bankruptcy is that there's no provision for it in the law. But of all things to cut funds to, the prison system?

Ok, fine. We are that desperate. At least do it right. I mean, clarify the law and stop confusing people about who should or should not be released, and when. Some counties are releasing people they shouldn't, and others aren't releasing people they should!

What the hell!

Seriously though, crime rates are definitely going to rise, you don't need to be statistician to figure that, but hopefully, those released will be petty thieves, burglars, and non-violent criminals. I'd hate to run into a criminal better armed than I am while on the streets, especially if he's used his weapons to kill someone before.

What would have made this law more tolerable would be for the legislature government to append a "Shall Issue" Conceal Carry Weapons Permit line to the bill. That way, when you release thousands of criminals onto the streets, citizens could have some options for protecting themselves from your new ex-cons. Dial-a-prayer(read: 911) doesn't always bring results you want need. Hell, it's not like they're required to protect you or anything.

In all honesty though, if another would-be burglar tries to climb onto my balcony again, he's going to get 12 pellets of "00" buckshot to the face. Then I'll dial 911 and wait the 8 minutes it takes for them to get here(I know where the nearest sheriff station is, and how long it takes for them to get to my house, non-stop at 60 miles an hour. 8 minutes might even be too short). In 8 minutes, I could sweep my entire house, twice, if not thrice. If I could do it, what's to stop some home-invader?

In other news:

Toyota recall. Ouch.
Sucks for Toyota. Even as they just overtook GM as the largest automobile producer in the world. Did that have something to do with it? Relaxing quality control standards in favor of beating GM?

I dunno.

I'd rather get a Subaru anyway.

Ninja Edit: Holy Shit. This is awesome. Give a homeless man a guitar and see what you get.

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