Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, Together!

Being Chinese, it is an inevitable obligation that I must celebrate Chinese New Year every February. While it is by no means a heavy burden on me, I will say it often presents a scheduling dilemma. This year, it just so happens that New Year's Day takes place on the same day as Valentine's Day!

Had I someone to call my Valentine, I would have had trouble scheduling time for her. Then again, the fact that I don't have such a woman is a problem in and of itself.

After several years(3 years, after much wracking of my mind, as of March 31st) of being single, I find myself neither troubled nor content. Sure, life is lonely, but life is also unrestricted. I have no romantic obligation to anyone, yet am not receiving the emotional benefits romantic ties might give me.

In short, I am undecided whether or not my continuing single status is good or bad.
As such, I will continue to live what life I have until the day my perfect(or, much more likely, imperfect) woman drops into my life.  

Now that I think of it, if that day ever comes, I'd likely be a wreck after so long without romantic contact with females.

So I will begin the "old-crazy-cat-man" plan. Here's to hoping the "old-crazy-cat-lady" isn't really "old" but is instead really "hot."

This is possibly the worst plan I've ever come up with.

In other news:

A supposedly bipartisan delegation of US Congress members lead by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is visiting Haiti at this moment. While the term bipartisan has been used several times in reports and statements given by Pelosi and other Dems, when you look at the list of delegation members, there is one Republican and eleven Democrats.

Token Republican, maybe?

Unfortunately for the Dems, there is no doubt in my mind they will fail miserably if they attempt to label the revived healthcare bill as bipartisan, seeing as there isn't even that one token Republican there for the Democrats to blame when Obamacare sends the US into medical chaos.

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Pete said...

i feel for you man. but really, that's possibly the worst plan ever.