Saturday, February 20, 2010

Your name is Kali

Two things today.

1: I went trap shooting for the first time at Prado Shooting Park in Chino.

I forgot to take pictures, but I assure you, t'was the awesome. And let me tell you, the gun does matter. I couldn't hit shit with Triela(see post: Triela) but did just fine with a rented over/under. My next gun will likely be an over/under, in support of my new pastime. At $7USD for a round of 25+2 clays, it's damn near economical for something requiring guns. And ammunition comes at $22-$25USD/100 at Walmart. How much better can it get!?

Speaking of next guns...

2: Say hello to Kali!

I found the SU-16CA that I've been looking for. Ironically, for the past 6 months that I've been looking for one, there has actually been one about a mile away from the construction site I've been working at for the past 3 months. She was used, but that means I got her for a cheaper price, and there's no way I'm treating her any less because of her used state. I mean, Irena's(see post: Imma call you...Irena) probably killed some Nazi back during WWII, but it doesn't mean I'll love her any less, right?

Well, her name is Kali due to the "CA" designation in her name, which means she's a Kalifornia compliant SU-16, unlike the regular "C" variant, which isn't. She actually folds in half from her usual 35 inch length to a compact 25 inch backpack size. She's also pretty light, about weighing in at around 5lbs with 2 ten round magazines stored in the stock.

I've got one more gun waiting ATM, but was almost about to buy a PSL-54R today(eats the same ammo as Irena).

As it stands now, I'll be looking for a good O/U 12ga trap gun at a bargain.

In other news:

The biggest f**king rabbit you've ever saw. 42 pounds!

And for those of you astronomically inclined, well, you can attempt to see the International Space Station if you're in OC at these times this month.


Ray said...

...yes, your little stash is reminding me of the zombieland Hummer Scene..."Thank God for Rednecks!" But I guess in this would be "Thank God for Guntakus!"

Teko said...

Hopefully, I'll be the one yelling that.