Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Writing on Hands?

For those of you who don't care about politics or the news at all(I know many of my readers fall into this category. ie. "Health care bill? What health care bill? Scott Brown who?), Obama (Our president, in case you forgot) has a dependence on teleprompters(you want to watch this one), that device that displays text in front of a camera lens without the camera actually recording it.  Well, the other day, Sarah Palin was caught with notes written on her hand.

Anyone who's been through high school can tell you the difference between reading an entire speech/presentation direct from paper and having some notes scribbled on your hand. Hell, even in high school, we were allowed note cards. But the moment Sarah Palin was caught with crib notes in her hands, the liberal media commentators went to town on her. Or attempted to, since people with any bit of common sense couldn't care less about some words scribbled on Sarah Palin's hand. Big whoop.

But for the rest of you folks who insist on lambasting Sarah Palin over this particular incident, this ought to give you a better comparison between Obama's "crib notes" and Sarah Palin's "crib notes."


Found it on the Gateway Pundit.

In other news:

Hows that global warming going for you? It's been pretty cold here in People's Republic of Kalifornia. Soon we'll all be calling each other tovarisch and drinking hot tea from tall glasses.

Found what I wanted in a store in Duarte. Ironically, I've been looking for that thing for the past 6-8 months, and I must have passed that store at least once a week while working the Duarte sites.

Life's like that.

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Ray said...

Well no. Obama never made fun of people using teleprompters. But Palin, in the same speech where she mocked people who had to use help to deliver a speech rather than to tell it straight from their heart ( and the audience obviously must presume that she is and could), was using her little hand notes. And when asked simple questions by her Tea Party advocates, she had to "refer" to her hand notes to give a generalized answer that I'd probably do a better job at answering given my limited knowledge of the domestic social complex that is our health care system. So no, people are making fun of her (liberal and libertarian, and anyone who actually knows the humor of hypocrisy) because she's a hypocrite.

As for Obama reading teleprompters, no single president, giving an important speech, even since Washington's days, have ever delivered a speech by memorization. Or at least none that I know of. Perhaps Coolidge might have had the mental capacity and linguistic mastery to command such a speech, but I don't remember ever reading him do that. Before the invention of the teleprompter, world leaders, such as FDR and Churchill (two of the best speech writers and deliverers of the 20th Century) simply read from a paper before them. Writing a good speech is like writing a honors thesis. It takes a lot of effort and I doubt anyone can memorize word for word a 50 minute or 120 minute speech.