Monday, February 22, 2010


My buddy(see his blog) is a drummer. I'd like to think he's pretty good, but I'm not qualified to judge that at all. But anyway, I went to go see him perform last night.

The lead singer isn't in the picture. This was taken after the show when the rest of the band was just messing around.

The show itself was alright, but for a single point: the starting time was at 2000hrs, but they didn't finish setting up till about 2025hrs, and the show was finished by 2050hrs. Serious.

But other than that, it was fine. The sad thing was that some of our other friends showed up more than an hour later. I have no idea what they were expecting, since even if the show started on time and lasted two hours, they would have still missed it.

Which brings me to today's point.


I'm not the most anal person about punctuality. But I will say that beyond a reasonable variance(+/-15mins, depending on the event), lack of punctuality annoys me. I am of the belief it shows lack of respect for the people left waiting, and that their time has no value, and that the tardy expect that those waiting have nothing better to do than to wait for them.

Another thing that causes me to not get along with women, I'm told.

Women, really, just because I'll actually sit there and wait an hour for you and smile when you finally deign to grace me with your presence does not mean I am not annoyed.

I'll just express it with my belt later.

BTW, I got a picture of me shooting trap.

Not the best form, I know, but I was in a rush, handing off the camera and taking the shot while others were waiting. In my defense, I did hit the clay.

In other news:

I'm graduating. Well, supposedly. I have somehow managed to scrape up enough credits for graduation. However, I was supposed to apply for graduation a year before I was to plan on walking. However, due to the cut, dropped, and reduced size classes, I was unable to apply for graduation until a week into the beginning of the semester. Unfortunately, the deadline for applications was the two weeks before then. Now, the earliest date I can graduate is Christmas, instead of May.

Also, it now seems that next semester, I'll be taking a single token class of some kind. Yoga? Advanced Walking? Something with a high female/male ratio, please.

Early morning work is starting again tomorrow, and I can no longer sleep to 0830hrs. Damn.


Anonymous said...

Where's MY picture?!? ;)

Teko said...

Too much skin for some of my readers to take.

And you're featured enough as it is.

Anonymous said...

Whatever. You're just jealous that the readers will eventualy want to see more of me and less of you! ;)

Ray said...

Making you wait means they don't care about you, or at least that's how I'd think. Punctuality is very important...especially if you're dealing with Asians.

But then again, I think you should do what I do. When dealing with people who aren't punctual, add in the time you expect they'll be late and then tell them to come that amount of time early. Just like whenever I invite Frenchies over, I'd always tell them the party is 1 hour earlier than it actually is. Fashionably late is absurd, but so is Japanese bosses firing you for being 46 seconds late on a Monday they even have mondays in Japan? lol