Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Ban Pencils Next! They're Sharp!

So our Nanny State has so much spare time and money on its hands that it needs to go out and look for things to legislate.


Ridiculous. And even if it was a weapon, what a bad choice it was. A metal bar, four and a half inches long, one and a half thick? What's he going to do with it, shove it up someone's *ss?!

Oh, wait, I've got a pen in my pocket. Are the police going to stop me and take me away for carrying it? I mean, it is solid aluminum, about the same length as the kid's bike footrest, and much thinner. Good for stabbing(which was its intended purpose, ironically).

Well, if the police actually stop and search me, that pen is going to be the least of their problems. I usually pack a full EDC(Every Day Carry) load-out: self-aid/survival kit, knife(Osborne 940), multitool(Leatherman Core or Skeletool CX), and a dozen feet of 550 cord. Sometimes, I even pack a backup knife if I'm headed somewhere shadier than the usual.

Wonder if they'll still consider my pen a weapon then?

In other news:

Not going to the desert for SAD day after all. The date's been pushed back till the 27th. Had my bags packed and everything, but hopefully, the weather conditions will be better closer to spring. Hell, maybe more people will come.

Instead, I shall now be spending my Valentine's Day...hell, I have no idea. What the **** am I going to do now?


Richard said...

meat night for sad lol

Teko said...

You know what? I'm totally up for that.

littletotoro said...

maybe if they banned pencils from school, school would be a dangerous environment and then the government would shut them down =)

jonathanlin said...

wow that knife is $200?!

Teko said...

Do you ever buy a car at sticker price? You can find the 940 for around 125USD online.