Saturday, December 19, 2009

Imma call you...Irena

Today(technically yesterday now) I picked up that Christmas gift to myself that I purchased eleven days ago(see post: Rain Over Me). Beautiful.

A Soviet-made 1933 Mosin Nagant 91/30. The receiver is a Hex-type rather than Round-Type, and the markings indicates it was made at Izhevsk Arsenal.

I have named her Irena, for two reasons.

One: it's a Russian name.

Two: Izhevsk and Irena both start with the letter "i."

Now I need to get the ammo to feed her with. Did you know that lots of Soviet-era ammunition was shipped in sealed spam cans? You actually need a can opener to get to it. Think of the tactical implications. That's socialist decision making for you.

I will leave you all with this link to a Mosin Nagant vs AK vs AR(M-16) comparison. It definitively proves the Mosin Nagant is the superior weapon.

In other news:

I'm leaving for Asia on New Year's Day. Requests are accepted first come first serve, and by feasibility.


TqM said...

it actually a Greek/ Scandinavian name, but it sounds Russian enough i suppose.

Teko said...

Well, according to two different lists of common Russian names, it's one of the top 100 Russian names for girls. Wtevs.

Ray said...

now all you need is a scope...

Naming a gun Irena is kind of ironic since Irena (Eirene/Irene) is the Greek goddess of peace (Pax for Romans). Nonetheless, Irena is a pervasive eastern european first name.