Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blood Will Tell

Today I arrived home to find a package from Thinkgeek waiting for me on my desk. Inside, I found this:

Note that not all the contents in the picture are part of the package,
just the blood test

A DIY Blood Typing Test! I always wondered what my blood type was, but never much had a chance to find out. I keep forgetting to ask my doctors when I do go in for the rare checkup, and my mother can't seem to decide what I am. She told me I was a type "O" one day, then changed her mind and said I was a type "B" a month later!
I decided I would find out for myself once and for all.

It's pretty simple, but a matter of a few drops of water and blood, and 40 seconds later, you know what your blood type is.

Key things to note:
  • If you take the blood type test card out of its sealed foil wrap, you must use it within the day.
  • Also, the automatic lancet is a one time use, I made the mistake of trying it out on a cardboard box, then having to make due with a sterilized knife point. Luckily, I had plenty of those at hand.
Here's my result:

The blood is a little faint. I didn't use as much blood as I
should have as I really didn't feel like cutting my hand open.

B Positive! That means I can receive blood from the Type "O"s and Type "B"s, but can donate only to Type "B"s and "AB"s. Get your own DIY Blood Type Testing Kit here!

In other news:

It was 36°F in my room last night. I had a glass of coke with ice, and the ice was still there 4 hours later. The term "bed-warmer" now has much more meaning to me. I could really, really use one now.


TqM said...

There is this crazy invention that was invented sometime in past.(duh).. we call it Central Heating. Why do you not use it?

Teko said...

Because my house is too large to heat cheaply. And I'd prefer the bed-warmer.

Peter Han said...

Does that mean the kit is only for a one time use?

Teko said...

Yes, it's a one time kit. I don't see why you would need to use it multiple times. It's not like your blood type is going to change unexpectedly.

TqM said...

How about just getting a really large thick duvet? or quilt?

Teko said...

You're totally missing the point.