Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finals are Awesome

Finals Are Awesome. Really, they are.

In a "God is Awesome" kind of way.

There is a reason why great men are oft described as "God fearing men. Because they believe that God could smite them if they do wrong. Only Finals are tangible, and They will smite your ass if you do wrong.

Think about that for a second.

If course, many people are just as flippant about Finals as they are about God. But unlike God, Finals can and will reward you in a tangible manner if you do good. Your grade could rise from a "D" to a "C," or from a "B" to an "A!" But beware, should you do bad, you could straight out fail a class from Their influence.

This is why we must properly worship study whenever possible. Of course, the holy text(books) will lead the way, but the true path can only be found through your heart mind. How much dedication you show is key to whether or not They will smile upon you.

That said, I've included this link to illustrate what has happened to those not dedicated and unfaithful to Them.

In other news:

I like watches. I own several that I wear on a regular basis. I feel like those of us practical enough to wear watches are a dying breed. Today I felt like wearing a watch I hadn't in a while. Apparently, a while was longer than I thought as I arrived at my class an hour early and confusedly walked around wondering where all the people in my class were. The watch I strapped on had not yet be reset from Daylight Savings Time!

Speaking of DST, check this out! xkcd FTW!

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