Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Photo Summary 001

I shall use photos to describe the last two days.


Shaved Ice, outside an AT&T dealer

My target is the hair on the left face.

In other news:

Obama gives free reign to Interpol. They don't need to follow American procedures or respect our right anymore, at least according to the letter of the law. It'll be awkward when people start getting charged with crimes legal in the US but not overseas, say, possession of certain publications banned everywhere but here.

Christmas wood fire ridiculousness. Liberals pass all sorts of laws for the stupidest reasons. If I have a fireplace, I'm going to use it. Oh, but my smoke might cause asthma attacks, you say? YOUR FUCKING CAR EXHAUST CAUSES FUCKING ASTHMA ATTACKS!


David said...

why you taking pictures of const's cats?

Teko said...

Because they made up a significant portion of my day.